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Letters of the Prophet Muhammad (saw):

pact of Banu Dhamra

In the name of Allah the Compassionate, the Merciful
This writing is from Allah’s Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.). for Bani Dhamra.
1. These people shall have the security of life and property.
2. These people shall be helped against whoever attacks them.
3. It shall be binding on these people always to help the Prophet (S.A.W.) and whenever the Prophet of Allah sends for their help, they shall give help, but assistance in religious wars shall not be essential.
4. As long as these people adhere to the pact, they shall be assisted.
5. Allah and His Prophet have a responsibility in this pact.
Note: A number of such pacts were concluded with the tribes living close to Bani Dhamra. Details could be seen in the Tabar Ibne S’ad — vol, 3, p. 24. The following pact with Bani Zur’a and Bani Rab’a of Juhaina is of the similar nature. FOR BANI ZUR’A AND BANI RAB’A
1. The life and property of Bani Zur’a and Bani Rab’a shall have security and peace.
2. Bani Zur’a and Bani Rab’a shall be assisted against any person who invades them.
3. But there shall be no interference in their internal conflicts.
4. The pious and God-fearing people living in the vicinity of these tribes shall have the same rights to which the people of these tribes are entitled.


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